Vizio TV Review

Vizio TV Review and Guide
Vizio, which primarily produces television sets, is well known for its budget TVs. In the last couple of years, the company also has put out a few televisions that aim higher than the bargain basement. If you are planning to buy a set of television, especially big screen television with the variety of resolution option, screen sizes, and features, you will need to read our Vizio TV reviews and guide of Vizio TV. There are plenty options of Vizio TV that can be one of your choice. Here in this review, we will bring you to every series of Vizio TV to know further more about each series.

1. Vizio Reference Series Review

Vizio Reference series are series of Vizio TV with high dynamic range-enabled 4K UHD TV. This series has integrated 5.1 Surround Sound and uses Visionary Design. There are two options available for this series: 120” and 65”. This series gives experience of dramatically richer intensity, depth and contrast. VIZIO and Dolby Vizion deliver a world of new details with incredible accuracy shown by the texture of faces to the giants of light reflected by water. Users will experience a wider range of color and shading never before possible in your home with Ultra Color Spectrum.

2. Vizio P-Series Review

Vizio P-Series is designed to redefine. The new VIZIO SmartCast™ P-Series Home Theater display elevates your experience to beautiful new heights with 4K Ultra HD picture quality, high dynamic range and immersive Ultra Color Spectrum. You can use it to connect to a vast world of entertainment using the new VIZIO SmartCast Tablet Remote preloaded with the intuitive VIZIO SmartCast App. There are 4 size options available for this series from 50”-75”.

3. Vizio M-Series Review

Vizio SmartCast M-Series Home Theater display delivers an experience unlike any other. You can experience incredible picture quality with 4K Ultra HD and High Dynamic Range. Seamlessly connect to the entertainment you love using the new included VIZIO SmartCast Tablet Remote preloaded with the intuitive VIZIO SmartCast to get yourself fully entertained. This is a whole new way to watch: TV Shows, Movies, Music and more. there are 6 available size of this series from 50” to 80”.

4. Vizio E-Series Review

It is claimed that the Vizio SmartCast Empat-Series is designed to simplify. It brings your favorite entertainment into your hands. You can download the VIZIO SmartCast App to turn your smartphone into the ultimate remote. With Google Cast built-in, you can tap to cast content from mobile apps you already know and love right to the E-Series. This series offers users to experience stunning 4K Ultra HD picture quality and a powerful Octa-Core processor for a value truly unmatched. This series has wide range of size, there are 16 available sizes from 32” to 70”.

5. Vizio D-Series Review

Experience a simplified and intuitive Smart TV with high-quality picture and enhanced performance all powered by a faster processor of Vizio D-Series. This redesigned VIZIO D-Series offers amazing entertainment at an incredible value. It has a Full HD and 4K Ultra HD display to experience amazing details and clarity. It also has up to 16 active LED Zones that adapt to your entertainment for blacker blacks and brighter bright. This series is available in various size starting on 40” and up. There are various features and good stuffs to delve more about this series.

All series of Vizio TV offers specific pleasure with specific features. what we present above are only some short introduction of every series of Vizio TV. Specifically, every series has its own deep Vizio TV review in the next section, completed with all necessary manual guide for each series. It must be interesting to know further about each series before you decided to get one for your home entertainment. You can also learn every manual guide about each series so that you are ready with all needed knowledge before starting to use any of the available series.

Decoding Vizio’s Model Numbers

For your additional information, you need to know that all series offers different models. Usually each model has its own code. Here we have all you need to know about decoding Vizio’s Model Numbers. For example, model number of E550i-B2. E for E Series, 55 for size, 0i for features and B2 for variant. Each letter uses for series name is also has its own meaning. E stands for in the entry level, M stands for mid level, P is for the 4K series and R is for the Reference series.

The available size options are stated in diagonal measurements. For example, 65 inches means the screen is 65 inches from corner to corner diagonally. Where the third number of the model numbers after size seems less important this year. Often ‘2’ is seen on the M and P series, while ‘0’ is seen on all E series TVs. For features code, Vizio models with ‘I’ in the number feature Vizio Internet Apps Plus. ‘Dua’ was for 3D playback, but 3D has been dropped for 2014. Those without a letter are missing those features. The last is the end letters and numbers which indicate the variant, but it doesn’t indicate any major differences between similar sized models.